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The company STUALARM IMPORT, s.r.o. is a reliable and professional business partner. With its long-time experience and annual turnout over 80 million CZK, it is one of the largest distributors of CAR-ELECTRO (AFTERMARKET) equipment in the Czech Republic.
We directly cooperate with more than 50 producers from all over the world. Jointly, we engage in new product development, fabrication and testing. Owing to close cooperation, we are able to keep up with the current worldwide trend of selling high-quality products for reasonable prices. We supply more than 1.500 active dealers in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia; mainly car showrooms, services, assembling rooms and e-shops. For all of our products, we secure complete technical support, warranty and post-warranty service.

History of the company

The company was established in 1991, initially focusing on import, selling and car alarm installation. Thanks to cooperation with European producers and distributors of car accessories, the product range has greatly expanded over the next few years. It has been extended from car alarms to the whole CAR AUDIO. The portfolio has been subsequently once again broadened in 1996 by addition of the CAR GSM components.

In 2002, the company has undergone internal restructuring, where there has been implemented new management system. Shortly afterwards, the company got ISO 9001:2000 certification. Moreover, the financial base and the stability of the company have been strengthened by an increase of the share capital from 100 000 CZK to 1 500 000 CZK. Apart from that, the reconstruction of the company’s headquarters enabled further expansion of the stock and handling area. In addition, the modernization of computer network and an upgrade of the software equipment were done.

Sales rose sharply between 2003 and 2005. During these years, the company started cooperating directly with Asian producers. Product range has been widened again, this time by addition of multimedia products (LCD monitors, TV tuners, DVD players etc.) and additional electronic car accessories (sirens, horns, beacons, charges etc.).

Modern ERP Company information system has been implemented in 2006, increasing the efficiency of all the sales by making processes automatic. New software enabled the introduction of ONLINE B2B (business to business) e-shop for registered customers. Complete online catalog including current stock availability and prices can now be found at our website. Owing to connection with our internal accounting system, every customer is also able to see the complete and updated information about his orders and invoices, history inclusive.

The assortment was further broadened in 2009 by including LED lights- LED day time running lamp, working, fog, driving, position lamps, additional halogen lamps and LED bulbs.

Furthermore, we extended the features of our B2B E-SHOP by adding the option of playing videos and sounds, a function of watchdog and enabling discussions about products.

In 2010, we once again increased the capacity of our stock and reconstructed our store. The trend of the expansion of our product range continues up to the present days. Currently, we sell part of the products at the Czech and Slovakian market under our own registred brand CARCLEVER.

We finished the construction of a new warehouse in 2016. It is located in Prague 10 – Vršovice, approximately 5 minutes by car from our headquarters and has more than 1000 m2 of storage space and a developmental and testing center.

Furthermore, in July 2017, we have implemented a new ONLINE B2B system, which we have been working nearly for two years. Its old version from 2006 has been completely remade. The system is now considerably faster and a number of new functions has been added.

General information about the company:

turnover in 2007  3.146.000 USD
turnover in 2008 3.275.000 USD
turnover in 2009 3.217.000 USD
turnover in 2010 3.133.000 USD
turnover in 2011 3.150.000 USD
turnover in 2012 3.113.000 USD
turnover in 2013 3.380.000 USD
turnover in 2014 3.779.000 USD
turnover in 2015 4.045.000 USD
turnover in 2016 4.081.000 USD
conversion rate 1USD = 24 CZK  
number of permanent employees 12
legal form of company limited liability company share capital – 75.000 USD
active customers in the Czech Republic 1.580
active customers in Slovakia 65
number of active stock items more than 5.000
stock value over 1.600.000 USD 
stock area approximately 1600 m² 

Product range:


  • GSM and GPS Antennas
  • hands free kits PARROT
  • Tele-mute Leads (universal, special, hands free kit power adaptor)
  • DASH MOUNT Norwegian metal consoles
  • HR (Herbert Richter) phone/tablet/navigation car holders
  • GSM a GPS solutions and accessories


  • speakers and amplifiers JVC, NAKAMICHI CARCLEVER
  • AM-FM antennas (roof mount, wing, mount, electric, mast)
  • Antenna Adaptors (universal, special, DIN/ISO adaptors)
  • plastic IN CAR adaptors - speaker/radio 2ISO/2DIN panels, fitting kits
  • ISO harness leads
  • GOLD HI-FI material (CINCH connectors, wiring kits, gold battery rings, fuse holders, fuses
  • ground, power and speaker cables, wiring kits, cables for radios and CD changers
  • CONNECTS2 Steering Wheel Control Interfaces, adaptors for CD/MP3 changers connection, AUX adapters , iPhone interfaces
  • power inverters 24V/12V and 12V(24V)/230V
  • other CAR AUDIO equipment/accessories


  • TFT LCD monitors, DVD players, TV tuners, 2DIN DVD radios, parking sensors, rearview camera control systems
  • accessories (FM modulators, TV antennas, headphones, UNI and OEM cameras, DVR, monitor holders
  • audio and video interfaces, cables and integration systems for OEM displays


  • electric window lifters (universal, car-specific, switches)
  • car alarms, CAN-Bus alarms, motorcycle alarms
  • remote keys, blades, key shells (over 500 items)
  • central door locking (universal, car-specific)
  • parking systems (with/without LED displays, 2, 4 or 6 sensors, license plate, with a monitor)
  • installation accessories (fuses, fuse holders, wire harness tapes, relays , terminals ...)
  • LED daytime running lights UNI and OEM, LED Angel Eyes for BMW
  • HID Xenon Lights, position lamps and accessories
  • LED bulbs, LED panel lights, LED strips
  • lighter plugs, sockets
  • warning lights, bars, predators
  • horns and sirens
  • car heated cushions, massage and cooling covers
  • battery chargers and jumpstart
  • LED working and hobby lamps

worldwide suppliers:

Australia - 1
China – 37
Taiwan – 4
Malaysia – 2
Thailand - 1
USA - 2

European suppliers:

Germany – 3
Austria - 1
United Kingdom – 4
Italy – 3
Norway – 1
Slovakia – 1

Should you require any further information, please contact the company director at


Na Křivce 30
101 00 Praha 10

tel. +420 272 773 334-6
tel. +420 603 410 452


Mapa ČR
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